SHS International Mission:

Sport Horse Services International, LLC offers the best international dressage training in the New York City area. Located at picturesque Centerline Stables in Ossining, NY, we train riders and horses of all levels to excel in the classical principles of dressage. David Collins, founder of SHS Int’l, LLC, trains top competition riders with international ambitions as well as riders who are new to dressage. His instruction centers around teaching riders—from beginners to Grand Prix—to better understand basics and fundamentals. His style is relaxed, laced with humor and yet exacting and achievement oriented—horses are very sensitive to tension. David coaches riders to form a trusting bond with the horse and to communicate using a language based on mechanics. Miscommunication and mistakes are inevitable and are caused either through poor preparation or incorrect aids. However, excessive effort in avoiding a mistake or frustration immediately after an error creates a tight, anxious rider and often affects the horse worse than the mistake itself. Riders slowly learn how the horse thinks and that trying is never the same as doing. Accomplishment is always the byproduct of the successful execution of a well planned, detail oriented and dynamic process. David provides the road map for this endeavor.

Regional Championships 2015. Congratulations to all!!!

Regional Championships 2015. Congratulations to all!!!

Read the article about David’s teaching style:


Bojing, 4yrs Hann. ridden by David scored 87.6%,

 and 81% in the FEI Young Horse 4 YO Test, 2014


David on Aujourd’Hui placing 10th at Grand Prix in an Olympic qualifying competition in Florida

Experienced Instruction and Training That Produces Results:

David has trained horses and riders to win many championships at national and international levels. Many of his students become top FEI riders. He trains riders of all levels. David learned from the best trainers in the world in Germany, Sweden and the USA.

  • “Horses speak a language of actions based on body-language; therefore a rider must learn to control his position, thoughts and emotions so he can communicate in a logical and understanding manner.”
  • “You can’t always control how your horse acts, but you can control how you react.”
  • “The principles of classical dressage are simple. Simple is often confused with easy.”
  • “Horses and riders learn by doing. What they are doing is what they are learning”
  • “The paradigm of your philosophy determines the parameters of your daily work”

David Collins

David Collins riding the Swedish Stallion Kardinal, now standing at Normandy Manor Farm.

David started training the 9-years-old Kardinal after many trainers had given up. His owner had scratched from many 1st level classes, saying that, “He would halt at ‘X’ and put his nose higher than his ears. I found it hard to canter a 10 meter circle. I was told he would never learn a flying change”. After 2 years of training, David is seen here showing Prix St George where he received many scores in the mid to high 60s. His owner showed him successfully thru 4th level. “The only thing that was wrong with this horse was that he wasn’t using his back properly. This was due to training, and was not related to the horse’s natural ability or willingness. I found that Kardinal always gave 110%.” ¬†David Collins.

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